Our Story


We (Robin and Jordan) met in Horticulture school at Capilano University. Upon Graduation we remained friends and colleagues in the gardening world. I, Robin, with a background in sculpture from Emily Carr Univeristy, followed a path to the city of Vancouver being accepted into the apprenticeship program. I gained a breadth of knowledge working in various locations such as VanDusen Gardens, the Stanley Park Display Gardens, Arboriculture and IPM, attending classes at Kwantlen University, and growing plants in greenhouses at Sunset Nursery. Jordan upon graduation opened KJM Country Gardens with his mom Lori and began creating a magical garden centre for people to shop for their gardens and get expert advice. During this time Jordan became an incredible garden designer and plant connoisseur. I joined the team in 2011 when we fell in love and wanted to share the experience of being around plants together everyday. It was the best decision I ever made and we were able to share our love of gardening and horticulture with thousands of people throughout our wonderful city.

 During the final years of our business it started to become apparent to us that we are going through a global shift in the way we operate as human beings. Our value systems are changing, our communication and connection systems are changing, the way we view and interact with nature is changing. 

We believe that there is massive potential for positive change in all of this. So, ponder we did: " What can we do that could be offered to our community so that we can have a positive impact?

People have learned that collaboration between individuals can yield greater results - two (or two-hundred) heads are far better than just one. We have also learned that it is part of human nature, and perhaps evolution, to grow, change and develop. Therefore, cities + populations will continue to expand and develop, requiring resources and space for energy and food sources. 

We believe that if this is the case, then as conscious beings it is not just our responsibility, but critical to our health, happiness and the balance of nature on our planet, that we protect the very collaboration that got us here in the first place; varied plant and animal species. 

Human beings didn't evolve on their own, it was a joint effort between plants, animals and earths natural resources.

We love gardening and designing. Through it, we want to do our part by helping growing cities protect the precious symbiotic relationships between migrating birds, native bees, plant diversity, rotational food crops, and micro-organic life in soil.We want to create and sustain habitats where plants, animals, insects and humans can continue to co-evolve in our new environments.

 Give us a call, and together we will create a microcosmos in your space!